Perceived Understanding About Static Dissipative Tile

Generally we tends to perceive static dissipative floor tile is safer to human than conductive tile when it comes to electrical shock hazard. In other words we tends to think that human exposed to electrical leakage has better chance of surviving on static dissipative tile which has higher electrical resistance than conductive tiles. However conductive tile has electrical resistance range that starts from 2.5 x 104 Ohm (not zero ohm) and according to NFPA 99 and UL779, this is good to be used as electrically-safe flooring for human.

In the past, the majority of companies selected their particular ESD control floors based on the misconception that static dissipative materials were safer than, while still equal in effectiveness to, conductive materials. This widespread fallacy led to the installation of millions of square feet of static dissipative flooring that may or may not meet the latest recommended range of less than 35 megohms for system resistance, as documented in ANSI/ESD-20.20-2007.