Installation Instruction For ESDWork Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles

A.) Sub-Floor preparation

A1) When ESDWork Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles is installed on Concrete, Ceramic and Terrazzofloor

i.)    Sub-floor must be clean, dry and free from dust, paint, oil, grease, asphalt, solvents, curing agent and old adhesive.
ii.)   Floor surface must be smooth and flat with a recommended variation of 1/8" in 10feet or better. Cracks and irregular surface must be patched and leveled, using a good grade of the floor finish materials.
iii.)  Concrete sub-floor must be properly cured. We recommend concrete sub-floor moisture level of < 5% before installation of ESDWork Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles.
iv.)  Ceramic tile must be solidly adhered. Any loose tile must remove. After the floor has dried, apply the floor finish materials to achieve a smooth surface.
v.)   ESDWork Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles may be installed on floors provided surface temperature dose not exceed 30℃.

A2) When tile is installed on Wood floors

i.)    Sub-floor must be solid, well-nailed at joists and free from spring. Missing or unsound board must be replaced.
ii.)   Fill all holes, cracks, and seams with wood putty or equivalent filler. Any irregularities may allow to remain through the tile and be visible on the new installed surface.

A3) When tile is installed on Resilient floors

i.)    Floor covering must be sound and adhered tightly to the floor. Remove any loose or broken areas and replace them either with sound material or with a good grade of rubber latex under-layment, which should also be used to level any floor irregularities and to fill in any open seams.
ii.)   Thoroughly sand surface with very rough sandpaper, using an edge sander next to walls and in spots in the field that the regular sander may have skipped. Completely remove all old sealers and waxes to ensure a proper bond strength.
iii.)   Thoroughly sweep, vacuum, or damp mop floor to remove all dust and grit. Any texture or embossing in the original installation will telegraph though the ESDWork Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles and be visible on the surface of the new installation.

A4) When tile is installed on Metal Decks

i.)    Metal decking must be smooth, dry, clean, and free asphalt, old adhesive, grease, oil, rust and other unwanted materials
ii.)   Lightly sand the surface for better adhesion. 

A5) Other Types of Installations

For recommended procedures on other type of installations not covered in these instructions, contact Ace Star Industries Sdn Bhd for assistance. 

B.) Copper Tape

i.)   Use Copper Tape size of 15mm width, 0.025mm thick.
ii.)  On cleaned sub-floor, lay a Copper Tape Network with 6m ~ 10m grid size.
iii.) Extend the copper tape about 600mm from sub-floor to the wall or pillar where connection to ground / earth is to be done.

C.) Adhesive

i.)    Use carbon filled co-polymer acrylic water based Conductive adhesive for installation of ESDWork Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles. Electrical resistance of conductive adhesive should be < 3 x 105 Ohms (DIN 53276).
ii.)   Conductive adhesive should be spread evenly with "V" notched spreader with notches 1.6mm deep x 1.6mm wide x 1.6mm spacing.
iii.)  Apply over an area that can be covered within the open time of the adhesive. This will vary according to humidity and temperature of the installation site. Allow the adhesive to develop initial tact generally between 10 ~ 15 minutes according to thickness of bead and temperature/humidity, etc.
iv.)  ESDWork Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles should be placed into wet adhesive film which will allow transfer to the backing and the trowel mark to flatten when rolled.

D.) Lay ESDWork Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles

i)     Before installation of tile, performs sub-floor preparation as mentioned above. We recommend sub-floor Moisture of < 5% before proceed to install ESDWork Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles.
ii.)   Tile, adhesive and room air should be maintained at a at least 25℃ , for 24 hours prior to, during, and for 48hours after installation
iii.)  Install ESDWork Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles using conductive adhesive (refer adhesive mentioned in above section).
iv.)  Tile must be laid within suspended time and observe open time so as obtain a good solid transfer of adhesive to tile.
v.)   Roll and cross roll tile with 80㎏ sectional roller immediately after tile is laid.
vi.)  Roll a second time one hour later.
vii.) Inspect floor for raised edges one hour after second rolling and if necessary roll a third time. Use hand roller in area which can't be reached with large roller.
viii.) Remove any adhesive seepage at seams or on finished surface of tiles.
ix.)  Avoid exposure of title to excessive heat, such as direct sunlight, until adhesive has completely set and for at least 48hours after installation.