Can conductive floor be used as means of ESD Control in working environment where technician without ESD Footwear were to handle PCB with ESD sensitive components?

All Conductive floor need to work together with ESD Footwear (eg. heel strap, ESD Shoes) for personnel grounding as means of ESD Control. However technicians without ESD footwear could still safely handle ESD sensitive components if they were wearing wrist strap. If you could ensure technicians were to wear wrist strap every time they handle ESD sensitive devices, you actually do not need to install conductive floor for cost saving purposes. However if you do decide to install conductive floor and at the same time have your technician wearing ESD footwear then you have the advantage of allowing technician to freely move around the conductive floor while he/she handles ESD sensitive devices without wearing wrist strap (remember wrist strap restrict technician's movement as he/she is "tied-up" by the wrist strap cord).