Portable ProfilGate P45 Aqua

The Professional Answer To Disinfect Shoes and Wheels

ProfilGate sti P45 aqua is a quick and convenient setup for shoes or trolley wheels disinfection to prevent spread of contagious disease in work environment.

ProfilGate sti P45 aqua setup in office

This is a portable disinfection system to disinfect Shoes Soles and Trolley Wheels. It comes with a tray to contain disinfection liquid. Within the tray, there are patented brush system to bring the disinfection liquid (through capillary effect) to the surface of soles and wheels. As users and Trolleys move on ProfilGate sti P45 aqua, the brush system will brush and disinfect shoes soles and wheels.


ProfilGate sti P45 aqua tray with disinfection liquid and patented cleaning brush


ProfilGate sti P45 aqua
This is a setup with connection to incoming water pipes (yellow) and drainage pipe (orange). Its application is for cleaning and sanitizing both shoes and trolley wheels.
Drainage Pipe Connection
During routine cleaning procedure, dirty water can be conveniently drained out through this connection to drainage pipe.
Incoming Water Supply Connection
Connecting incoming water supply pipe to ProfilGate sti P45 aqua.makes the changing water process very convenient.
Overflow Connection
This is an overflow guard in case too much water being fed from incoming water pipe.
Filling Disinfectant
Disinfectant is being filled in ProfilGate sti P45 aqua for sanitizing application.
Blind Plug For Offline System
Office environment deployment typically adopts offline system setup where no water / drainage pipes are being connected to ProfilGate sti P45 aqua. In this case just terminate the pipe connection with blind plugs.
Vacuum Off Water From Offline System
Wet vacuum cleaner can be used to remove water from Offline system during routine maintenance.
Mobile, Portable, Quick Deployment
It is portable and mobile. No installation required, just place it on floor and you are good to go cleaning and disinfecting your shoes and trolley wheels.
Clean & Disinfected Shoe Soles
ProfilGate sti P45 aqua effectively and conveniently cleans, disinfect shoe soles.