StepGate Shoes Sanitizing/Disinfection System

A survey in Wuhan hospital shows that corona virus can spread 13 feet, travels on shoes. Take your facility hygiene control one step ahead with our StepGate shoes soles sanitizing / disinfection system.
The StepGate stainless steel Shoes Soles Disinfection System is ideal for entrances to sensitive production areas. When entering, the soles are cleaned mechanically and by fluid using obliquely arranged patented brush strips within a stainless steel tray. The cleaning process is chemically assisted by the addition of disinfection liquid into the stainless steel tray.

Two StepGate Sizes Avalilable   
Technical Data StepGate I StepGate II
Dimensions 820 x 980 x 1180 mm  820 x 1960 x 1180 mm
Weight 86 kg 160 kg


Wet cleaning and disinfection effect Ball valve to drain sanitizing liquid


Video Of StepGate II Shoes Sanitizing System (with Dry Pad)