Cleanroom & ESD Foam Swabs / PE Swabs


Ace Star's Cleanroom ESD Foam Swab is constructed from compressed 100 ppi (Z) open-cell polyurethane foam that is free from organic contaminants such as silicone, amides and DOP. Foam material is thermally bonded to the handle, thus, eliminating the use of contaminating adhesive or coatings.

Ace Star's Cleanroom ESD Polyester Swab is an excellent dissipative swab for cleaning very small grooved, slotted, recessed areas, or broad surfaces and flat areas. It's laundered, knitted polyester head is extremely clean.

Our swab handle is ESD-safe and is made of polypropylene.The handle is compact and will not contribute to particulate or organic contamination. Designed for general purpose cleaning, Ace Star's Cleanroom ESD swabs are the ideal swabs to be used in cleaning ESD sensitive components and parts.

Benefits of Ace Star Foam Swab / PE Swab:
- Laundered and packed in ISO Class 4 Cleanroom - Free from silicone, amide and DOP
- Low non-volatile residue
- Low in both particles and ion content
- Excellent solvent-holding capacity
- Compatible with most common solvents
- No contaminating adhesives or coatings

Applications :
Electronics, Semiconductor, Hard disk drive, Optics-electronic, TFT-LCD, IC, SMT, PCB, medical field, pharmaceutical, food processing and biotech industries.