Shishido Ionizer & Meter

Shishido Logo Shishido Electrostatic, Ltd. is the provider of Real ESD Solution and New Technology from Japan.

Shishido Fan Type Ionizer  Shishido's WINSTAT is a fan type air ionizer developed for the purpose of eliminating static for every industries. As a wide range of product types is offered, the device can be used for various kinds of applications, including the desktop use and for the line use, etc.


Shishido Nozzle Type Ionizer Shishido's Piezonizer ZapII is an air nozzle ionizer incorporating an ultra-small-size high-voltage transformer without any high-voltage wiring. Since it operates only on DC power input, its wiring has become much simpler.


Shishido Bar Type Ionizer  Shishido's CABX bar type ionizer has unique AC-type high-voltage power supply (patent pending) that makes it compact and able to maintains a stable electrical supply to generate constant ionization.


Shishido Field Meter and Charged Plate Monitor  In order to remove static electricity appropriately, it is necessary to know the generating place and the amount of electric charges of static electricity, and measurement of the surface potential of an electrification object is to foundations at it.

Shishido Static Honestmeter  Static Honestmeter meets ISO Standard ISO/WD 18080-1 measurement procedure. It is a perfect instrument to test your product per ISO 18080-1 standard.