Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles / ESD Flooring

Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles

We are specialist in supply & install Conductive Tiles , Static Dissipative Tiles , Static Dissipative Vinyl Sheet , Static Dissipative Vinyl Roll , Static Control Flooring and ESD Control Flooring. We represent HexStat, the brand name for high quality ESD Control tile qualified and approved by respected MNC companies in Electrocnics and Semiconductors Industry. We have Ex-stock materials and large skillful work force to complete ESD Flooring project in very short time frame.

HexStat Conductive Tiles Color Chart

 Feel free to contact us for more color choice per your requirement


Ace Star is also a sole distributor for ESDWork Korea (previously Kostat , Conplar) Conductive Tiles and Static Dissipative Tiles. Our Conductive Tiles , Static Dissipative Tiles is by far the most practical choice of ESD Control Flooring. Please feel free to contact us for benefits of our tiles as follows :

Key Benefits of Our Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles

  • Lowest Cost Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles In Market  

  •   Tiles with Permanent Conductive / Static Dissipative Performance

  • Ease Of Tiles Maintenance (shinny surface achievable with just normal cleaning and buffing) 


  • Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles Installed By our Skillful Work Force with more than 15 years experience


  • Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles Floor Grounding Designed & Implemented by our ESD Specialist 

  • Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles Floor Testing & Commissioning by our competent Technical Team

  • Our Conductive Tiles / Static Dissipative Tiles Floor comes with standard Test Report per ESD S7.1. Per customer request, Ace Star could also provide Walking Test per STM 97.2 at very reasonable cost. 


  • We are committed to Prompt after sales Technical Support 

Presentation Slides Walk-Through

HexStat ESD Floor Tiles
Good quality ESD Floor Tiles qualified and approved by reputable MNC companies.
Why ESD Flooring ?
To protect ESD Sensitive Device and to have a clean room friendly production environment.
Basic Structure of ESD Floor Tiles
Consists of Tiles, Conductive Glue, Copper Tape and Subfloor.
Function Of ESD Floor Tiles
It grounds Human Body Voltage through tiles, conductive glue and copper tape that were connected to earth.
Copper Tape Network
This is typical copper tape network layout on sub-floor during installation.
Lay ESD Floor Tiles
Skillful workmanship is crucial in ensuring good quality of installed ESD floor tiles both in terms of ESD performance and finishing appearance.
PVC Welding
PVC Welding closes gaps between tiles thus prevents water from sipping into its underlying conductive glue layer during routine floor washing maintenance.
Installation of ESD Floor Tiles
These are pictures of typical ESD Floor Tiles installation in progress.
Equipment and Tools
Auto Welding Gun, Groove Cutter, Floor Roller are typical equipment and tools used for ESD tiles installation.
ESD S7.1 Testing
Our ESD floor tiles installation is inclusive of standard testing report per ESD S7.1
Quality Proven with Satisfied Customer
Over the years we have gathered many good experience to deliver good quality ESD Flooring for many of our satisfied customers.
Large Scale ESD Floor Installation
We successfully supplied and installed this 150,000 sq-ft ESD Floor in Malaysia.
Clean Room ESD Floor Installation
Our ESD Floor Tiles with bend-up skirting installed inside a clean room.
PVC Skirting Strip
PVC Skirting Strip is mostly used in non-clean-room manufacturing environment.
Creativity and Quality
What motivates us is work satisfaction from quality and creativity - do something different with pleasant outcome.
ESD Tiles on Raised Floor
Our ESD Floor Tiles installed on raised floor panel in a high end clean room.


Want to know more about Conductive / Static Dissipative / ESD Tiles ?

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