ESD Seminar 2018 Organized By Shishido and Ace Star

(18th Apr 2018, Vistana Hotel, Penang) 

Seminar Content

1.) An Overview of ESD
What is Electrostatic (Coulomb, Voltage and Capacitance: Q=CV)
- Characteristics of Electrostatic
- Image of Static Charge
- Electrostatic Charging Process (Rubbing, Separating and Inducting)
- Tribo Series
- Electric Field
- Static Charge Condition in the Material (Conductive, Dissipative and Isolative)
- Electrostatic Discharge (E=1/2CV2)
- HBM, MM, CDM and CBM
- Surface Resistance with Ambient Condition (Temperature and Relative Humidity)
- Clean Room Level (ISO and Federal Standard)
- ESD Control Level and Real Case in Japanese Manufactures (IC, LCD and PCBA)


2.) ESD Technical Information #1
- Updates On Latest ESD Standards An Its Implications To Electronics Industries.
- Ionizer And Its Roles in ESD Control
- Principles Of Ionization
- Types of Ionizer and Their Appropriate Applications in ESD Control
- Invisible Ionizer Problem (Induction and EMI)
- New Generation Ionizers with HDC-AC Technology
a. No feedback low offset voltage control (+/- 1V)
b. Precision offset voltage adjustment (0.1V step)
c. Long terms clearing cycle for emitter pin (1 to 6 months)
d. Long life for emitter pin (3 to 5 years)
e. No Induction
f. No EMI


3.) ESD Technical Information #2
- IEC 61340 Human Body Voltage Measurement - New Requirement For ESD Floor Qualification
- Evaluating Capacitance Of Charge Plate Monitor And Its Implication In ESD Control Measurement Results
- Ultra Low Ion-Balanced (LV Type) Ionizer Application For High End Clean Room Environment
- DSF601 Static Voltage Real Time Monitoring And Its Application In ESD Control


ESD Seminar 2018 by Ace Star and Shishido ESD Seminar 2018 by Ace Star and Shishido
ESD Seminar 2018 by Ace Star and Shishido ESD Seminar 2018 by Ace Star and Shishido