Ace Star Industries Sdn Bhd

Ace Star Industries Sdn Bhd is an ISO 9001 Certified (ISO Cert # : 100823016012) company providing Cleanroom, ESD Control and Building/Facility Maintenance solutions to Semiconductor & Electronics Industries in Malaysia. Our friendly and helpful sales representatives are always committed to provide the best solutions to customer. If you have a Cleanroom or ESD control requirement, we will have the right solution for you!! We are always prepared to provide the shortest possible delivery lead time to meet our customer’s dynamic requirement.

With our local manufacturing facility and global sourcing network, customer could expect quality product at competitive price from us. Manufacturers and service providers in Semiconductor, Electronics, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Healthcare industry will find our products listed below useful to their operation.

1.) Clean Factory Solution – New technology from Germany and Korea that can help factories in Malaysia to maintain clean manufacturing environments critial for product quality control. 

2.) Flooring & Building Maintenance – Supply Install or Maintenance of Conductive Tiles, Static Dissipative Tiles, Epoxy Floor, Antistatic Vinyl Sheet, Static Dissipative Vinyl Sheet, Conductive Vinyl Sheet, Raised Floor.

3.) Equipments – Electrostatic Field meter, Surface Resistivity Meter, Charged Plate Monitor, ESD Event Monitoring Systems, ESD Shoes Tester, Ionizer, etc.

4.) ESD Safe Product for Workstation – ESD Table Mat, ESD Anti-fatigue Mat, ESD Acrylic Plate, Antistatic Vinyl Roll, Antistatic Vinyl Curtain, ESD Safe Trolleys.

5.) ESD Safe Stationary – ESD Pen, ESD Document Holder, ESD Safe Tape Dispenser, etc.

6.) Cleanroom Consumables – Sticky Mat, Shoes Cover, Face Masks, Wipes, Gloves, etc.
7.) Garments & Shoes – Cleanroom Smocks, Jumpsuit, ESD Shoes, Booties
8.) Packaging Materials – Moisture Barrier Bag, Static Shielding Bag, Antistatic LDPE Bag, Conductive Foams, etc.
9.) Shipping Tubes – Antistatic IC Shipping Tubes, Tape and Reels.
10.) Container – Conductive PP Corrugated Box, Antistatic Vacuum Formed Trays, etc.

Ace Star Industries Sdn Bhd has associated companies in South East Asia to better serve our customer who has multiple facilities in South East Asia. More information about our regional network is available at our Contact Us page.