more Flooring Products for Static Control


ESD Epoxy Floor

  • Epoxy floor material specially formulated for ESD control application
  • Provides hard wearing and seamless floor with ESD safe features
  • Electrical Resistance: 5 x 104 - 106 ohms


Raised Access Floor Panel Systems

  • For cleanrooms, production test floor, computer room, etc
  • Floor panel size 600mm x 600r x 30-35mm
  • Optional top finish in Antistatic HPL, Static Dissipative or Conductive Vi Tiles
  • Antistatic HPL surface resistance: < 1011 ohms. S.D
  • Tiles surface resistance:1.0x 106- 108 ohms
  • Conductive Tiles surface resistance: 2.5 x 104- 1.0 x 106 ohms


Welding Rod/Copper Tape/Conductive Glue

  • Seal gap between tiles
  • Provide grounding for tiles
  • Adhere tiles to the sub-floor
  • Available in various colours


Static Dissipative Floor Finish - General Purpose

  • More economical, dries faster and with higher gloss intensity than other leading ESD floor finishes.
  • Provides superior abrasion performance that lasts up to 18 months with no buffing required
  • Surface Resistivity: 108 - 109 ohms/square


Anti-static Floor Stripper

  • Non-ammoniated, biodegradable floor stripper removes old coats of wax or synthetic floor finish quickly and effectively with no harsh odours
  • This stripper will not damage or dull flooring when used according to manufacturer's directions
  • Non-streaking and low foaming
  • Effective in hard or soft water


Anti-static Neutral Cleaner

  • A highly concentrated biodegradable, anti-static cleaner for use in all facilities
  • Leaves no film, low foam level, constant detergency, non-streaking and safe to septic and sewage systems
  • Will not degrade production environment anti-static properties
  • Neutral pH


Static Dissipative Restorer / Cleaner

  • Renews the gloss and contains a special conductive residue that breaks down electrical discharge, lowers resistivity and returns floor to safe and proper specifications
  • Surface Resistivity: 107 - 109 ohms/square


Static Dissipative Floor Coating

  • High performance water-based formula dissipates static discharge on concrete and other unfinished hard floor surfaces
  • Resist yellowing, colour fading and is biodegradable
  • Surface Resistivity: 105 - 108 ohms/square


Staticide Acrylic

  • Competitively priced
  • Easily maintained and repaired with no buffing
  • Contains low volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.s)
  • UL listed for slip resistance