ESD Cleanroom Brush

  • Ideal as Cleaning Tool in ESD work area
  • Available in Plastic, Plywood or Metal handle
  • Horsehair or Metal Bristle
  • Customised size available



  • Handcrafted to perfect tip symmetry and balance, polished edges, superior no-scratch/anti-glare stain finishing
  • Available in different lengths, thickness and angles
  • Available in ESD safe plastic or stainless steel
  • Suitable for Cleanroom


ESD Solvent Dispenser

  • Anti-static PE bottle with stainless steel pump cap
  • Surface resistivity: 108 -1011
  • Volume: 40, 180 ml
  • Colour: white, blue, pink



Cleanroom Vacuum Pick Up Tools

  • Hand operated vacuum suction tool
  • Available in various design & sizes
  • Resistivity 106 - 109 ohms/sq



ESD Vacuum Pick-Up

  • Pick up tiny SMD components
  • Suction force of up to 120g
  • Built-in air pump
  • Designed to be ESD safe



ESD Leadfree Soldering Station

  • Designed with automatic heat output control adapted to various soldering tip sizes
  • Fast temperature compensation response is key to solving temperature fluctuation problems in many lead-free soldering work



ESD Solder Sucker

  • ESD safe housing and tip
  • Light weight
  • Ideal for circuit board repairs



ESD Smoke Absorber

  • Remove noxious fumes quickly, safely and effectively
  • Replaceable filter made of special urethane material embedded with refined and activated carbon
  • Available in regular and ESD safe type
  • Table clamping fixture for less work space and convenient angle adjustment


Magnifying Lamp

  • Better view and inspect micro/mini components
  • Tool for visual inspection of PCB densely mounted with micro components