Shoes Cleaning Machine

SWC Series Shoes Cleaning Machines


SWC-1100 SWC-1700

SWC Series machine cleans shoes bottom sole using mechanical wet scrubbing method. Made of stainless steel body frame with unique and high quality brushing mechanism, the machine is specially designed to effectively clean shoes before entering to clean room environment. Specially formulated low foaming cleaning chemical is available from us as options to further enhance shoes cleaning effectiveness.

Three models available to suit your specific needs as follows :





805(W) x 609(L) x 960(H) mm

34 kg


856(W) x 1,156(L) x 966(H) mm

75 kg


856(W) x 1,704(L) x 966(H) mm

105 kg

 SWC Series Shoes Cleaning Machines Characteristics:

  • Deck Height : 150mm
  • Electric Input : 220V 50/60Hz (SWC-600)
  • Power Consumption : 45W
  • Stock Tank : Approx. 2L
  • Washing Tank : Approx. 5L


Cleaning without Spillage and Excessive Foaming

SWC series machine is designed to prevent turbulence flow of water in the washing tank thus eliminating spillage of cleaning water from machine. Customer has the option to use our specially formulated low foaming cleaning chemicals that will not cause excessive foaming during shoes cleaning process.


Unique Brushing Mechanism 

As soon as user steps on to the cleaning deck, machine will automatically start cleaning process by moving the rolling brush assembly in left-right and forward-backward directions. Contaminants at shoes bottom sole will be effectively washed away with this unique brushing mechanism.

K-Sponge Water Absorption Pad (Re-useable) 

The K-Sponge pad is placed after the SWC Shoes Cleaning Machine to absorb residual water at shoes bottom sole. By just walking on the K-Sponge pad for 3~5 seconds, more than 99.5% of residual water at bottom sole will be removed. Dirty K-Sponge pad can be re-use after cleaning with water and detergent. The K-Sponge pad assembly has built-in water collector panel beneath its housing.

Video Of SWC-600 Shoes Cleaning Machine


User Operation Procedure

Get Ready


Just Step On ; Machine Will

Automatically Start Cleaning Shoes

After Cleaning, Step Forward On To The

K-Sponge Pad To Absorb Residual Water

At Shoes Bottom Sole

Further Step Forward On To Sticky Mat

To Complete The Shoes Cleaning Process



Malaysia Customers - Shoes Cleaning Machine Application 


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