2019 ESD & Cleanroom Dust Contamination Control Seminar

Date : 10th July 2019
Speaker : Mr. Shinichi Yamaguchi & Mr. Shigeo Iwasa
Venue : Vistana Hotel, Bukit Jambul, Penang.

Yamaguchi_Shishido Iwasa
Mr. Yamaguchi Mr. Iwasa

Do not miss out the great opportunity to attend this ESD and Cleanroom Dust Contamination Control seminar co-organized by Ace Star and Shishido. It is a seminar with slides presentation as well as experimental demonstrations to enhance your understanding of ESD and Cleanroom Contamination Control. Attendance is Free Of Charge (F.O.C), by invitation only from Organizer. 

Seminar Content

1.) A More In-Depth Discussion Of ESD Control About Electrostatic 

• The commonly misunderstood Static Charge Behavior (Coulomb, Capacitance & Voltage)

• Clean Room Level with Choice of Items (ISO and Federal Standard)
• Rubbing, Separation and Induction Charge
• ESD Control Level and Real Case in Japanese Manufactures (IC and PCBA)
• Control Items & Digitization of Measurement Data
Field Meter & Electrostatic Voltmeter
Target Size with Measurement Distance
Evaluation Ionizer (CPM)
ESD Event Detection
ESD Solution Trend 
• ESD Defect Model (HBM-CDM-SDM-CBE-CDE) 
• Latent Problem
• Induction Charge by Ionizer
• Choosing The Right Solution 
Types of ionizers (AC/DC/HF/Pulse/HDC-AC)
Dissipative Materials (Uniformity/Homogeneity)


2.) Clean Room Compatible Ionizers

• Non Particle Emission Fan Type Ionizer from Fan motor

• Low Particle Emission Fan Type Ionizer from Fam motor

• Particle Generation From Emitter Pin
• Fan Type Ionizer of Clean Room Compatibility
• Contamination from Dissipative Material


3.) Cleanroom Dust Contamination Control 1

• Fundamentals of Cleanroom Contamination Control
• Definition of Dust & Contamination and also Defective product

• Dust & Contamination at Production Environment

• Contamination Generated by Manufacturing Equipment
• Particles and Dusts Generated from materials
• Dust & Contamination from Operator
• Contamination Control Technic at Production Line
• Size of Particles
• 4 Important Fundamental Rules for Clean Room Contamination Control
• Principle of Clean Room
• Understanding Particles Behaviors
• Clean Class & Size of Particle
• The operator is one of the largest sources of Contamination
• Zoning
• Clean Room 4 Principles & 5 S
• Control Air Flow


4.) Cleanroom Dust Contamination Control 2

• Visualization of Particles
• Illuminance
• Contrast
• Dust Deposition Mark
• Particle collections and analysis
• How to eliminate Particles
• Importance of Cleaning
• Utilization of Positive & Negative Air Pressure
• How to use Wiper
• Cleaning Tank (Bath) Maintenance
• Importance of Equipment Maintenance
• Simplification of Cleaning Process
• Contamination Control Success Case