Washable Sticky Mat

SlimDust Mat

SlimDust Mat is a low-cost washable sticky mat for effective removal of dirt and fine dust from shoe soles, trolley castors, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) wheels and pallet jack wheels. It can be wash and re-use with a general life span of about one year.

SlimDust Mat is made of Urethane and PET materials that are RoHS compliant and ESD safe with surface resistance of 108 ohms. This made SlimDust Mat particularly suitable for dirt removal in Clean Room and Electronics Manufacturing environment.


SlimDust Mat effectively removes dirt from shoe soles with just 3 footfalls on the mat as well as removes dirt from transport equipment wheels with just 3 wheel-rotations on the mat. 

Feel free to contact us for demonstration of how SlimDust Mat can be an effective clean factory solution at your facility.