Shishido ZappII Series Nozzle Type Ionizer

ZappII - Compact AC Ionizer with an Ultra-small Built-in Piezoelectric Transformer.


Shishido ZappII - Main Body

ApplicationShishido ZappII - Phone Application

With ZapII, static elimination at the display and base of a cellular phone, can now be achieved under low offset voltage control at any time. 


Shishido ZappII - Power and Signal Cable



Power and Signal Cable (attached with ZappII)


Detachable emitter pin specially designed for easy maintenance and service.

The OZ-S nozzle at the front is an option.

 Zapp II is designed for use with compressed air supply to for high volume ionizing air flow application. For example ZappII-H can provide ionizing air up to 350L/min at just 0.5Mpa compressed air supply.

In application whereby process machine is not to be grounded through its frame to the earth ground, Shishido has the insulated version type, ZappII-U as perfect solution in this case.


A Wide Variety of ZappII Nozzle Accessories Is Available for Various Application.

Shishido ZappII Nozzle Accessories


ZappII-L : For Ultra Low Air Flow Application

To deploy ionizing air at targeted area with very small size devices, you simply need ultra low air flow ionizing nozzle to avoid blowing away the very small package devices. For this unique application and any other application that requires ultra low air flow ionizing nozzle, look no further than Shishido's ZapII-L. 

Shishido ZappII-L

ZappII-L Main Features

High Performance -  Even with ultra-low air pressure supply, ZappII-L achieves high ionizing performance thanks to its unique design with Emitter Pin extended to font end opening of its flexible metal hose.

Integrated Nozzle Design - The point of ion creation is around the front end opening of the flexible hose. Available length of metal hose for Zapp-L is 100mm (OZII-LC100) and 200mm (OZP-LC200) respectively.

H.V. Alarm Function - In the event of high voltage power supply malfunction, LED alarm will light-up and alarm signal output (normally open/normally closed dry-contact signal) will be activated for remote monitoring application.

Cleaning Check [C.C] Alarm Function – ZappII-L is equipped with internal self-check circuit to detect abnormal discharge through contaminated emitter pin and thus able to trigger Cleaning Check [C.C] alarm to notify user of emitter pin cleaning service requirement. C.C. alarm comes in the form of both LED indication and alarm signal output (normally open/normally closed dry-contact signal) for remote monitoring application.


Shishido AGZ Series Gun Type Ionizer

AGZIII Ionizing Air Gun

Shishido AGZIII Ionizing Air Gun

Thanks to Shishido’s unique AC high frequency ionizer circuitry, you can now own a cost competitive AGZIII ionizing air gun that is a small and light-weight. Say no to the conventional heavy metal type ionizing air gun that causes human hand fatique and embrace the very affordable light weighted and high performance AGZIII Ionizing Air Gun from Shishido Japan. With excellent offset voltage < 15V and fast decay time (0.6 seconds), AGZIII removes the static electricity of a charged object and at the same time blow away dust adhering with the static electricity.