Shishido Static Honestmeter

Shishido Static Honestmeter H-0110-S4 (for testing per ISO 18080-1)

Static Honestmeter is an Electric Charge Attenuation Measuring Instrument compliant to ISO Standard ISO/WD 18080-1. If you have requirement for instrument to test your product per ISO 18080-1 standard, then our Static Honestmeter model H-0110-S4 is the perfect solution for you.

Static Honestmeter ISO 18080-1

The STATIC HONESTMETER H-0110-S4 is an instrument designed to measure the attenuation of static electricity, and it is the ideal instrument for measuring the diffusibility of static in materials. This instrument is used to charge the sample by irradiating air ions (generated by a corona discharge) to the target sample, and, after irradiation has completed, measure static decay characteristic curve of the sample.
Safety cover with interlocked function is now Standard accessory for H-0110-S4 Static Honestmeter.


Honest Data Analyzing System V2-S1

Honestmeter Data Analyzing System V2-S1

The Honest Data Analyzing System V2-S1 is a datalogging and analyzing device designed to automatically calculate half life of the voltage decay from the static decay characteristic curve obtained from Static Honestmeter instrument. The static electricity attenuation of materials can be automatically measured by a simple “one-click” operation with Honest Data Analyzing System V2-S1.

  • Decay time calculation trigger setting : 2~100% of total decay
  • Digital data storage (CSV file format)
  • Fully Automatic calculation operation


Sample Screen Shot of Honest Data Analyzing System V2-S1

Honest Data Analyzer Screen Shot 1

Honest Data Analyzer Screen Shot 2