ProfilGate Aqua

Physical Cleaning + Chemical Disinfection


The ProfilGate Series i aqua and sti aqua are designed for Hygienic wet cleaning and disinfection of forklift tires, trolley wheels, pallet jack wheels, rollers and soles. It comes with a Stainless Steel Tray to contain disinfection liquid, a Separated Grates With Brush for physical cleaning and a Drainage Connector for easy cleaning and liquid refreshing maintenance (refer picture below). The capillary effect of the bristles conveys the deinfection liquid to the treads of the wheels and soles to be cleaned. In this way, stringent demands for cleanliness and hygiene (e.g. IFS and BRC) can be fulfilled as well.

ProfilGate Aqua Consist of Stainless Steel Tray, Separated Grates With Brush and Drainage Connector

ProfilGate Aqua Components
Food Processing Application - ProfilGate Aqua
Food Processing Application - ProfilGate Aqua
Food Processing Application - ProfilGate Aqua
Food Processing - ProfilGate Aqua
From Workshop To Food Processing Area - ProfilGate Aqua
Employee Main Entrance Area - ProfilGate Aqua
Segregation Between Low Risk & High Risk Area - ProfilGate Aqua
Food Processing Application - ProfilGate Aqua
Clean & Sanitize Forklift Tire - ProfilGate Aqua
Drainage Components - ProfilGate Aqua
Drainage For Easy Maintenance - ProfilGate Aqua


ProfilGate Aqua is most suitable for Food Industry (dairies, sweets, meat products), Chemical Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry that have both cleanliness and hygiene requirements.


ProfilGate DryZone

For Removing Excess Water On Wheels or Soles

ProfilGate DryZone is an optimum solution for application that requires removal of excess water on wheels or soles. The Dryzone pad is made of fleece material that effectively absorbs water from wheels or soles surfaces.

Demo Video of DryZone 

DryZone ProfilGate Pallet2  DryZone ProfilGate Shoes  DryZone ProfilGate Pallet2 


ProfilGate Dry System