Turnstile / Flap Gate ESD Tester

with Face Recognition & Thermal Scanning Capability

With the latest requirement to check workers' body temperature before entering manufacturing production floor or offices, our ESD Turnstile or Flap Gate can now be upgraded with facial recognition and body temperature thermal scanning capability. 

screen 500px face reg thermal scan
face 500px recognition ESD Turnstile4  face 500px recognition ESD Turnstile5


Video Of Facial Recognition

Face Recognition ESD Turnstile

Face Recog. + Thermal Scan

We design and build our own ESD Shoes / Wrist Strap Tester with Access Control such as Turnstile , Flap Gate, Magnetic Door Lock , Infra Red Sensor and etc. Because we build our own tester and access control system, we could customize our product (both hardware and software) to meet your specific requirement on ESD testing and access control.  

Our ESD Tester iDS-600 tests both Left and Right shoes individually as well as Wrist Strap. User could configure (through software) iDS-600 to test all Left shoes, Right shoes and Wrist Strap simultaneously. Depending on user setting the iDS-600 could be configured to test shoes only.

Key Benefits Of iDS-600

  • Test Dual-Footwear and Wrist Strap
  • LCD to display test measurement values in ohms
  • LED Display and Buzzer to indicate test results clearly to the user
  • Able to test and verity from 100K ~ 120M Ohm
  • Comes with I/O pins for communications with Card Reader, Access Control and Data Logger

Turnstile ESD Tester

As ESD Control requirement in production line becomes more stringent due to smaller size of electronics components being produced, we see a growing market demand for Turnstile ESD Tester in Semiconductor and Electronics industries. Tursntile ESD Tester provides a systematic way of verifying proper performance of ESD shoes and wristrap worn by the operator before the operator enters into ESD controlled area. Any operator who failed ESD test will be denied access to ESD controlled production area until proper rectification has been made.


We have extensive experience in suppy & install Turnstile iDS-600 ESD Test System to major MNC customers. Please call us for more information about our Turnstle ESD Tester requirement.

Flap Gate ESD Tester

Customer who prefers fully automated access control will be impressed with our Flap Gate iDS-600 Test Systems. We design our Flap Gate with stainless steel Plam Plate for user friendly ESD test operation. User just need to rest his/her palm on the Palm Plate and all ESD Test and Flap Gate opening will be done in full automation. So gone are the days for pressing ESD Test button and pushing Turnsile arms when you embark on our all new Flap Gate ESD Tester.


Our Turnstile and Flap Gate ESD Tester is ready for Data Logging function upgrade at any time. A closed-loop ESD Test Access Control can be fully achieved with the implementation of ESD Test Data Logging. With our Data Logging Software, all access into production floor is automatically data logged and stored in centralised computer server with details such as User Name, Date /Time of entry, ESD Test resutls. Through the use of our Data Logging software, supervisor can monitor from server database to find out any user who skip ESD Test. Written by our local software engineer, our Data Logging sofware can summarize those users/operator who never swipe their ID Badge and perform ESD Test at turnstile or flap gate.

Network Topology Of Our ESD Test Data Logging System

Screen Shots of Our Data Logging Software